"Contactless Payments Only" 100mm x 100mm Shelf Wobblers

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"Contactless Payments Only" 100mm x 100mm Safety Shelf Wobbler printed full colour. Customisable with your own background colour.

Shelf wobbler face is made either from white card or white PVC as selected, then assembled with a wobbler arm of your choice.

Remember the higher the volume the more you save !

Only £0.34 Each when ordering 2000 Safety Shelf Wobblers


  • Standard arms come with two adhesive pads - one of the shelf and one for the back of the wobbler face
  • Aluminium arms also come with two adhesive pads - one for the shelf and one for the wobbler face. Designed to twist, pivot and bend to any desired position
  • Multi-purpose arms have three adhesive pads - double sided at the top and a single pad for the back of the wobbler face. This offers an option to stick the wobbler on to either side of the shelf / surface
  • Data strip arm is a clear PVC T' shaped arm that only has one adhesive pad - for the back of the wobbler face. The non-adhesive side is designed to slot into a scanner rail allowing for quick and simple relocation or re-use. Can be used in conjunction with our shelf edge strips as the clear arm allows them to slide behind or in front of them without permanently sticking to them or obstructing it

Check our our 'Wobbler Arm Types' page here to find out more.

For orders over 2000 shelf wobblers please contact us for a bespoke quote.

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