Magic 8 Shelf Wobblers

Magic 8 Shelf Wobblers are standard designs with an area for you to individually price your product advertisement.

This can be done by blocking in the special Magic 8 Coded area to read the price you are promoting the item on sale as.

Available in 4 standard designs with varied colour schemes.

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What are other names for Shelf Wobblers?

They are also called Shelf Talkers, Shelf Danglers, Aisle Markers, Point of Sale Displays.

What are the differences in materials?

The PVC material that we offer is a mate finished white on both sides – great for bus stop wobblers, it has colour pay-off and great durability. This material isn’t eco-friendly. On the other hand, our card option is! As well as 9mil gloss white photo card which has great black/dark colour density.

How are your Shelf Wobblers printed and produced?

They are digitally printed full colour CMYK as well as digitally cut. This means there is no need for expensive print plates and cutters. As they are digitally printed and cut you aren’t restricted to certain quantities and shapes. The Wobbler arms supplied attached by hand with a template for consistency. Flat colours and photographic / more intricate designs can be printed at the same cost.

Why use Shelf Wobblers?

They are eye-catching, stand out from the crowd with bright colours and show off your brand to potential customers.

Is there different types of Wobbler arms? Where can they be used?

Standard Arms:

Two adhesive pads, one for the back of the face of the wobbler and one for the surface it is being stuck to. Perfect for normal shop shelves, pubs, TVs, PC monitors, cash machines, cash registers etc.

Multi-purpose Arms:

The name is quite literal when it comes to these Wobbler arms. With three adhesive pads, one for the back of the face of the wobbler and on the other end two double-sided pads for extra variety. It can stick on top of shelves, on the shelf edge or on the underside of the shelf! The choice is yours. Can also be stuck on the places similar to our standard arms.

Data Strip Arms:

Only has one adhesive pad, this one sticks to the pack of the face of the wobbler. These simply slot into your shelf edge rails. As these don’t have adhesive there isn’t anywhere else for them to go.

Aluminium Arms:

These arms have two adhesive pads, one of the wobbler face and one for the surface it is being stuck to. These arms can be bended, twisted and manipulated without losing its sturdiness. Perfect for shelving units, monitors, cash machines, cash registers, anywhere really!

What shapes can I have my Shelf Wobblers?

As they are digitally cut on a very precise machine, you can have just about anything. Basic shapes to intricate masterpieces.